KDF: Founded: 10/11/2013

FEDERATION: Founded: 24/07/2015

⦁    Federation Fleet - Dragon's Lair (Current Level - 83)

⦁    Klingon Defense Force Fleet - Dragon's Lair KDF (Current Level - 79)


⦁    High level fleets with a good community

⦁    Stuck? No problem! We have knowledgeable members who can help

⦁    Fleet events and team play

⦁    We will take you in no matter what play style you have

⦁    Access to our discord server and official Facebook page


⦁ Custom Made Chat Channel


We do use the standard fleet chat as well but this is tied to the side you are currently on. Our custom-made channel ensures comms across both sides and it is also handy for private made TFO queues so members from both fleets can play together. All new members are sent an invite to this channel upon joining the fleet.


 Dragon For Life Policy


If for any reason due to circumstances beyond your control you have to step away from the game for a while and time has elapsed on how long you are kept in the fleet and are removed or you leave the fleet manually, you can re-apply and re-join with a full reinstatement of rank, providing there has not been any previous issues/incursions within the fleet and it's members. If you think you will be away for some time, it is always helpful to contact a member of our command team so we can make a note of this and have it on our records for future reference. 


⦁ Discord


For voice and text interaction and has proven to be a very useful tool for fleet comms. You can also install this on your mobile/cell phone. 


⦁ No Drama Policy


We are no drama fleets and have a relaxed atmosphere among our members.


⦁ Facebook


We have our own facebook group for our members and friends of the fleets.



We are part of a very relaxed Armada. 



We are recruiting and we are always on the lookout for new members and we say 'The More The Merrier!'. You can apply to join our fleets using our Fleet Application Form

If you are not sure and would like to speak to us first and are comfortable using discord, you can join our server here. If you decide to join our fleet, then you will be granted fleet member status and more areas of our server will unlock.