You will arrive into the system and be hailed by Obisek and explains that there is a looming threat from the Tholians. 


Your team will rescue Reman defenders from Tholian attack. They are scattered around the map. If in doubt, press M to pull up the map and they will be highlighted. Anyone who heads to the right side of the map may also come across a Nebula, which will drop yours and your enemies shields. You will also lose your map. You have a total of 10 Reman ships to save.


Your text task will require teamwork. Tholian ships will warp in and try to form a web around the entire Vault base. Your job is to destroy as many as you can and stop them from completing the web. Kill anything that has a gold trail coming from it. 

Our Recommendation: Split up. Ideally, two team-mates at the top, two at the bottom and one in the middle. This is only an example and covers more ground around the base. 



Obisek will inform you that the Vault is safe but he and your team are not. Tholian ships warp in. There will be two major ships to kill. Go for the bottom right one first and do not aggro the top left group. Once this is destroyed, you can destroy the remaining group.

Job done!