Upon arriving in the Ferenginar system you will be hailed by Tuvok. He informs you that the Undine are attacking in three vectors and that there are fluidic rifts that need to be closed. You will also be able to close additional errant rifts that are keyed to specific a career to be able to close them faster. The main objective is to close fluidic rifts and destroy the planet killer.


There are three lanes and your team will be broken up as you warp in. Two team mates will be on one lane, another two team mates will be at another and someone may fly solo down the remaining lane. This is an example only of how it could split you up. 

Fly down the lanes and engage the Undine. Press M to pull up the map if you are unsure to find the locations marked. While engaging the Undine, Tuvok will say that the rift is being scanned. After a moment he will tell you to close the fluidic rift now. Shoot the rift to close it. He will then announce which ones have been closed in any of the lanes. 

Now that the center of each lanes rifts have been closed, continue to move forward and repeat the process. Again, Tuvok will inform you of any rifts closed. 


Before heading to destroy the massive planet killer at the end of the lanes,  you will have the option to close any errant rifts. These will appear on the map as white circles. They are somewhat difficult to spot when looking for them. However, if you manage to close them all (given time allowed as this TFO is timed), before heading to the planet killer, you stand a good chance of obtaining more marks.


Head to the planet killer. Destroy it. Once it has been defeated, the mission has been completed. 

NOTE: If anyone wants to go after errant rifts during this TFO, it is best to let the team know before you start. This will help the rest of the team obtain the goal instead of most of the team heading straight to the planet killer. If the team can close errant rifts, the whole team has a good chance of obtaining more marks. This is a great TFO for getting Fleet Marks. 

Once complete, you have the option of choosing Undine or Fleet marks. Enjoy!