Your team warps into ETA Serpentis II and are hailed by Rodek. He informs you that the Tzenkethi are launching Protomatter weapons at the Klingon basesi n the system. He tells you the main objective and how to stop them.

Disable Tzenkethi bases and at the same time destroy the enemy ships. One of them with be carrying the protomatter bomb. Destroy that ship and pick up the protomatter bomb.  Fly to a Tzenkethi base and launch the weapon. You must be close the base or it will not launch. This must be done with all 5 bases to destroy them.

When you have destroyed 4 bases, a Tzenkethi Dreadnought will warp in at the 5th base. Destroy it and the rest of the enemy fleet while a team member drops the last protomatter bomb on the base to destroy it.


When the bases and the Dreadnought have been destroyed, the mission is completed. 


Advanced and Elite versions will be tougher.