You and your team mates will warp into the system to find it crawling with Borg. You have come to the system to locate the I.K.S Kang as it has not been heard from and have been sent to investigate. When you have been briefed, you will see 3 shipyards, one left, one right and one in the middle. Above the shipyards are Nanite Sphere's and above those are Borg Cubes at each station. 


Your Objective



Stage 1


If you are new to this the ideal way is to decide which member of the team will stay and protect the Kang. The other team members will go and deal with the Borg. The team member protecting the Kang will fend off enemy ships coming in from all 3 sides. 


Stage 2


The best practice is for the team to stick together. This is an example of how simple this STF can be. The remaining 4 Team members will stick together  and fly to the RIGHT hand side, take down the Nanite Sphere's, and then the Cube and then clear up the remaining Assimilated ships heading towards the Kang. Sometimes this will mean flying to the Kang itself and defending it as a team. Once this is done, head the the MIDDLE Cube and REPEAT this process. Once again, protect the Kang. Then head to the LEFT hand side and REPEAT the same process. 


This can be done as a FULL team if the team members have higher DPS and can mean that all 5 members can stick together as one unit. Just remember that if the Kang is destroyed, the mission is over, so remember to hover back and forth between the 3 locations and the Kang in the centre of the map.

Additionally, if players in the team feel comfortable enough with their builds, they can split up. For example, two team members on one side, two team members on the other side. 


The Kang's health cannot drop below 75%


Stage 3


Once the Assimilated Borg ships and the Cubes have been destroyed, one member will need to hail the Kang. Once this is done, the Kang will warp out, leading to the next stage. 


Stage 4


Defeat the Assimilated Carrier. Once this is done, the mission will complete.





There is a time limit to destroy the Borg Cubes and protect the Kang. In Normal Mode this is optional. In Advanced Mode the mission will fail if this is not achieved. 


Use healing abilities to heal the Kang. You must select the Kang for these to work. These can include:


Hazard Emitters

Transfer Shield Strength

Extend Shields

Engineering Team

Auxilliary To Structural Integrity