Your team arrives at the Romulan Temple and are hailed. You are informed that archaeologists are being held captive and you need to bring the force fields down. 




You team must shut down the forcefields and rescue the hostages. From the beam in point, start heading towards the temple. You will come across some Reman guards. Take them out. The hostages are located around the outside and under the main temple and they are being held in a forcefield. There are 16 hostages to rescue so hunt around!




When all hostages have been rescued, you are hailed. The enemy is trying to destroy the artefacts and your new task is to protect them with force fields. Head back up and follow the guide on the map. You should come across some highlighted items and when you go to pick them up should say collect and reconfigure field generator. Once you have picked one up, head to the Temple itself and start climbing the steps. To the sides are where you need to be. Look for enemies located at artefacts and take them down. Go to artefact and activate forcefield. Once all 12 are done, you will be hailed. 




You are hailed and informed that something has appeared at the summit. Head to the top of the temple and defeat the Fek'Ihri Once he is dead, the mission will complete and you shall receive your rewards.