Welcome to Procyon V. The final battle against the Sphere Builders takes place here. 

Upon arrival you will be briefed by Daniels, a temporal agent from the 29th century. He will inform you that the Enterprise J is preparing to destroy the command sphere and that the enemy is preparing to send reinforcements through time portals to stop you and your team. He informs you that your objective is to shut down the portals in order prevent failure. 


Close down the portals. The optional is to complete this task within the time limit. 

Agent Chekov will inform you the Enterprise is ready to fire the Tox-Uhtat. This is a video cut-scene. You are informed that the task is complete but then Daniels informs you that the timeline is changing! 


This is exactly the same as stage 1. However, the Krenim have now joined the Sphere Builders and will now be going after the Enterprise J. Your objective as a team here is to close the portals again while this time, preventing the Enterprise J from being destroyed. 

Once again, Agent Chekov will inform you that the Tox-Uhtat is ready and the Enterprise J is ready to fire. Daniels interrupts again and says that there is a timeline change imminent! 


Like before, this stage is the same as stages 1 and 2. Only this time, the Na'Kuhl have joined the fight! Protect the Enterprise J and close the portals. Watch out as the Vorgon will also join the fight as well!


If you have played through the story arcs then you will also recognise the Annorax. The Annorax will come in to try and destroy the Enterprise. Take it down.  

Once the portals have been closed and providing the Enterprise in still in one piece, the mission will again go to the video cut-scene. Do not worry! This time the mission will complete! Congratulations. 

This STF is a bit repetitive. Some love it, some like it, some hate it. Its every players choice on that one. That being said, its great for grinding marks.