the spire

You arrive with your team mates at the Dyson Sphere and you are hailed. Read through the hail.


Stage 1


Once the timer has counted down to zero you will be able to fly to the Spire. Take down the Voth ships flying near the Spire. It is recommeded that 2 team members take one side and the other 3 team mates take the other. 


Stage 2


In conjuction with stage 1 - Take down the incoming Voth Troop Transports and continue to destroy incoming Voth ships. 


There is a progress meter bar that will show whether your team or the Voth forces have overall control. Incoming Allied Transports will also be coming in. Do your best to try and protect them. 




You will be hailed again. This stage will have 2 options. Either destroy Voth Shuttles trying to escape with technology OR destroy the huge Voth Dreadnought.  It is recommended the Voth Shuttles be destroyed as this is the simpler option. However, if your team feels it can take down the Dreadnought then go with that. 


Once the timer runs out the mission will complete and you will recieve your rewards.