(Federation / KDF)

This is a relatively simple mission. The team will warp in and be briefed. Once the briefing is over players will be able to fly to points highlighted on the map. This area covers in a circle around the outside permiter of the Starbase.


The objective is to make sure the Transport's safely make it to the Starbase. 


Player's must destroy the incoming enemy groups and protect the Troop Transports. You will have 15 minutes to do this. The amount of Fleet Marks you get will depend on how many Transports your team manages to save.


It is recommended that the team do not stick together and best played with each team member finding their own Transport to save. Sometimes 2 members on one enemy group is okay but any more than that can lead to other spawning enemy groups destroying other Transports. 


Here are some recommendations for this mission:


You can select and heal the Transports with the following:


Hazard Emitters (Science)

Transfer Shield Strength (Science)

Auxilliary To Structural Integrity (Engineering)

Engineering Team (Engineering)



Here are some handy skills to keep the enemies at bay:


Gravity Well (Science)

Torpedo Spread (Tactical)



Good luck and have fun!