romulan imperial minefield

Your team warps into the system and you are hailed by Nog. He explains that Romulans are holding freighters hostage and that you need to clear the asteroids so that they can escape. 


Fly to asteroids within the system. Destroy Romulan forces and the cloaked mines around the asteroids. Once an asteroid is cleared, a freighter will warp out of the system. You will need to destroy 20 Romulan ships and rescue 10 freighters before being hailed again. Once hailed by Nog, click 'Go To Rally Point'.


There are three more asteroids. Shoot everything and clear them all. Your team will then need to do the following.

  • Repair asteroid Alpha

  • Repair asteroid Beta

  • Repair asteroid Gamma

Once these are done you will be hailed again.


Defeat the dreadnought. 

Once the dreadnought has been destroyed, the mission will complete. Job done!