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We are fleets who are a community of the love of Star Trek and anything Science Fiction. Our mutual love for Star Trek is one of the things that brings us all together. We strive to make our community a safe, welcoming, fun, and active place for a range of different styles. 



As members of Dragon's Lair Fleets, we adopt the following:


Towards our fellow fleet members, their thoughts and their privacy,

Towards the Armada and other players who are non-fleet,

Towards the developers and GM's who keep the game running for us.


Towards our new members,

Towards diversity within our ranks,

Idea's and feedback welcome from all members.


Formed within to create a better atmosphere,

To laugh and to joke and form tight bonds, 

For more fun and enjoyment as well as fleet participation.


Time and participation to keep our fleets active,

To achieve our goals and feel good at having done so,

Being part of the community,.


Dragon's Lair Fleets Command Team

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