operation riposte

You will arrive at Priors World and be advised that the Klingon's have made a tactical error and are informed that the only thing standing in your way are three mining stations and that you and your team need to capture them.



There are three different stations to takeover. Fly to the first one and destroy enemy Klingon ships while also shooting at the stations shields. Once the stations shields have dropped, your team will be able to transport away teams over to the station. Your team has to do this a total of nine times. Once the station is captured, do the same again for the other two stations. 


Destroy Klingon reinforcements that warp in following the capture of the stations.


You will be informed that security forces are arriving and that transports will warp in. They will beam troops to the planets surface and then warp out of the combat zone. Your team's job is to protect them. The biggest threat to the transports are anti-ship missile batteries launched from the planet surface and destroying them will be a top priority. Your team will also have to destroy Klingon ships.

Our recommendation: Escorts and Raiders are more suited to deal with the missiles being launched from the surface and bigger ships such as Cruisers and Dreadnoughts are more suited to protecting the transports from Klingon ships. This is because Escorts and Raiders can move much faster while bigger and bulkier ships may struggle to keep up with the missiles. Only one or two team-mates are needed for the missiles while the rest protect the transports. The more transports that successfully complete their mission, the better. 


You will be hailed again and will be informed that Klingon Transports have left the Apex Station and your task is to disable them. Once disabled, you are then to tow them to the fleet using tractor beams. The Klingons will destroy their own transports rather then seeing them being captured. The station is smaller and stands above an asteroid. Head there to begin. 'Engage Tractor Beam' will automatically pop up when the transport is ready for towing. Select it to fly back to the fleet. You and your team will need to do this a number of times. 


Once the transports have been captured, a Klingon Dreadnought will warp into the system under the command of Aakar, son of Aakam. Your team is to disable his vessel and destroy any remaining Klingon ships. 

Job Done!