This is a ground TFO. You and your team arrive in the Mycelial network and are told by Lt. Commander Paul Stamets that there is a problem in the network. He tells you that House Mo'Kai has sent EM Dark Probes into the network and they are radiating EM fields that are causing wild and corrupted growth and that it looks like they want to harvest mutated spores for use on their superweapon. Stamets then goes on to say that your team needs to disable the probes and that shooting them isn't going to work. The way to do do it is to entice a Tardigrade to follow you to each probe and it will chew away the corrupted mycelium fibres on the probes. Once this is done, you can then disable them. Additionally, because of what is happening in the network, the EM fields are mutating the Elachi in the network as well and they are becoming aggressive, hostile and territorial. You will have to shoot your way past them as well.


The Tardigrades are right in front of you. Run to one and entice it. Next, you will take down an Elachi Scouting Force, then make your way to the highlighted area that look like yellow spots and select 'Go to the Tardigrade Fields'. The Tardigrade will travel with you. 


Locate the Probes. There are two in this location. Head to them while shooting Elachi. The Probes are lit up with a red glow. Once there, your Tardigrade will automatically start chomping away. If a team-mate has already arrived before you, your Tardigrade cannot join in so keep shooting the Elachi. 


You will see how far the have done via the progress bars. Once a Probe is at 100% done you will be informed and then you can disable the Probe. Once these are done, Stamets will tell you that all the Probes on this island are done and time to move onto the next one. Head to the transport location that again, is highlighted with yellow looking spots.


Next you arrive at the Elachi Outpost. Keep shooting your way through the Elachi and on this island, there are three Probes to find. Repeat the same process as stage 2. The Elachi will still be on your back. Next, find the highlighted yellow posts and travel to the next island, the Pool of Memories. 


Repeat stages 2 and 3. The Elachi will keep at you as you find and disable the Probes. Take them down and find the next highlighted yellow spots and travel to the next island, Corrupted Wasteland.


Here you will see that there are four Probes to find and disable. Repeat the same processes again. Once all Probes have been disabled, Stamets will tell you that there is a large number of Elachi gathering at their outpost and running bioformers to run a toxic gas. You are to head there and stop them. You can select to transport straight there as there are no more highlighted yellow spots to find. 


The Elachi Captains are straight ahead of you at their post. Your objective is to defeat them and disable consoles A and B. Just a heads up, the Elachi here can be more annoying as they can create a cocoon around themselves making them more difficult to defeat. The progress bars will show you how far the consoles have progressed. Your team must get them down to zero. Keep at them. Once the Elachi have been defeated and both consoles have been disabled, the mission will complete and you are told the network is safe. Job done!

Things to Note:

  • Only one Tardigrade per Probe can chomp away at the red hazards.

  • You have limited time on each island to get the job done. 

  • Split up as a team to cover more ground.

  • The Probes have a big arrow above them to make them easier to spot.