Welcome to the 23rd Century!


Your team transports down to Edren VI and you are greeted by the Federation Prospector, who explains that your power has been working with Gorn on the facility. Unfortunately, Romulans have been attacking in order to disrupt the UFP-Gorn partnership.


Head West and South to find the Romulans and take them down. The Gorn need your assistance. You will also have protect the Federation Central Camp. Once these groups have been cleared there will be a cut-scene.


The Gorn Prospector contacts you and informs you that the Romulans have taken the other side of the camp ridge. He wants you to rescue the Gorn miners at the 4 drill sites first before going to the main Gorn ridge. You are to protect them while they resist the phaser resistant camp-gates. 

Once the Gorn are through, take down the Romulans in the base. 


The Romulans have been cleared and you are hailed by your Bridge Officer. You are told your mission is to disable the Mining Drill and protect the Gorn Specialist from the Na'Kuhl! Also, keep taking down the Romulans. The Gorn Specialist will be shutting down a number of sub-consoles. 

You are then to secure the area. Once the enemies have been taken out the mission will complete.