You and your team will warp in to find the system crawling with Borg. 


For this mission to may need to confer with your team mates. 


Stage 1


To start the mission the team must destroy the Tactical Cube located in the center of the map. Once this is done, the team needs to split into 2 groups, having 3 members on one side and 2 members on the other. 


Stage 2


Gateway's are located in the middle on either side and there will be Transformers surrounded by 4 Generators. Take down the Generators (destroying 2 of them will warp in a Borg vessel. Take this down as well. Finish off the Generator's and then the Transformer's. 


On both sides at least one player MUST be firing at the Borg Probes spawning from the Gateway. If just 1 Probe manages to reach the Transwarp Hub located in the middle, then the objective and bonus is lost. However, the mission will not end and you can carry on. If 10 Probes reach the Transwarp Hub the mission has failed and is over.


It is highly recommended that the side that has 3 members on it has 2 members firing at the Generator's, Borg Vessel and the  Transformer's while the 3rd member concentrates on the Borg Probes. Concentrate on one Transformer at a time.


It is a little trickier on the other side and it can be done. Out of the 2 members, each will split on their side and take one side each - solo. One will take on the Generator's, Transformer's, the Borg Vessel and the Probes while the other takes down everything they have except the Probes - (if the member not doing the Probes completes their side quickly enough they can fly to the opposite end and help their team mate to take the load off). 


Stage 3


Once the Transformer's are destroyed, take down the Gateway. It will retaliate and will still keep spawning Borg Probes.


If the opposite side manages to destroy their Gateway before you do, a whole new mass of Borg Vessels will appear - Sphere's mostly. Take them down and any remaining probes trying to reach the Transwarp Hub.


Stage 4


Once all of the above has been completed, you will be hailed. An Assimilated Scimitar will appear and Donatra of Borg will say a few words. 


The team must take down Donatra's Vessel. She is crafty if certain things occur:


Do not get within 5km of her or she will cloak. 


When she comes out of cloak her Vessel with power up her Cascading Biogenic Pulse. This is VERY DEADLY to players when it is triggered. Move out the way as quickly as you can to avoid it or there is a very high chance you will be defeated. 


Donatra's Torpedo Volley's can also be quite deadly. 


It is highly recommended that Tractor Beam Repulser's are not used as a Gravity Well will keep Donatra in place and stop her from cloaking. A Tractor Beam Repulser will mess this up and the boss fight will take longer. There is also the possibility that a Tractor Beam Repulser used on Donatra from another team member will push her into your line of direction when she is firing her Cascading Biogenic Pulse, which may result in you being defeated and having to respawn.


Stage 5


You have managed to defeat Donatra! The mission has been completed. 




The Advanced version is tougher and more deadly. The method's suggested in the normal version can work really well for higher DPS players, especially on the side where there are only 2 members of the team. 


It is highly recommended that if you are not familiar with this STF, practice it until it becomes second nature on the normal version. Speed will also be a beneficial factor in this version. 




The Borg Cubes above the Transformer's are harder to take down. Try to avoid hitting the Gateway when taking down the Cubes. The gateway will retaliate and can be quite nasty. 


Always keep to the method's listed in the normal version when facing Donatra if possible. She is a lot more deadlier in this version, and it will get frustrating if you are constantly being defeated, especially by her Cascading Biogenic Pulse. Recommended options for this are using Brace For Impact, Evasive Patterns, Rock & Roll, (if you have Pilot Tree unlocked),  Attack Patterns (if you have Pilot Tree unlocked and slotted).


A little trick to note is try for both sides to get their Gateway's down to 10% and take them out simultaneously. By having both gates first reduced to 10% (a rule known as the 10% rule), the massive wave will spawn only once.