You and your team mates will arrive in the Sibiran System to investigate what has happened at Starbase 82. Upon arrival you find the system crawling with Borg. 


This is one of the most popular Borg TFO's and many players like to play Advanced and try their hand at Elite. However, before exploring those, here is the walk-through for Normal mode.




If you find that you struggle with normal mode it is our recommendation that you may not be ready to play this TFO at the higher levels.


Stage 1


You will see on arrival a Borg fleet centered in the system. Take them out. 


Stage 2


Fly to the left hand side where you will see four generators surrounding a Transformer. Above that will be a Borg Sphere. The best practice for training is as follows as you will need this when you are ready for the Advanced mode. 




Take ALL of the generators down to 10% separately and then take them all out together. This will spawn some Nanite Sphere's which will fly in from the opposite side. Then take down the Transformer as quickly as possible. If the Nanite Sphere's are able to reach your location before the Transformer is taken down they will heal the Transformer and the optional will fail resulting in less rewards. 

NOTE: You may find other players will fly to the right hand side. It really does not matter which side it taken out first but it is highly recommended that the team stick together if you are struggling with this TFO. 


Stage 3


Once the Transformer is gone take down the sphere's, probes and Nanite Sphere's. Always be sure to check that none have survived before proceeding to the next stage. Borg Probes will fly in and do repairs so make sure they are taken out.


Stage 4


Fly over to the opposite side. Here you will find exactly the same. Repeat 'Training' and again, 

NOTE: If both sides have been taken out it with as the classic example, three team-mates on one side and two team-mates on the other, (this is referred to as a 3/2 split), move onto the next stage.


Stage 5


Once the Transformer is down a Tactical Cube will warp in. Ignore it and take out any remaining Sphere's, probes and Nanite Sphere's. 


Stage 6


Take out the Gateway and then the Tactical Cube or visa versa. 


Once these have been destroyed the mission will complete.





The same again but the Borg are tougher and more merciless.




Commonly Known as 'ISA' and 'ISE'


When warping in, the fleet at the start will comprise of three cubes and spheres. Advanced will be three standard cubes. Elite is two standard cubes and a Tactical cube. 

NOTE: On Elite, you and your team are on a timer. You have only so much time to destroy the fleet or the run will fail! It has been estimated in order to attempt Elite mode, each member of the team can pull at least 60k in dps on Advanced mode. 

When you reach Stage 2 you will notice the same Generator's and Transformers. Positioned above them will be a Borg Cube. Follow the same process as listed under 'Training'.


Proceed to the left/right hand side (depending on which way your team went first). The same will occur and once again, take all four Generators down to 10% and then take them down simultaneously. Then take out the Transformer. Watch out for those probes! 





Many player's run this to see how they are doing when it comes to their ship builds. Some player's run specialised teams, whereas other's PuG it (Pick Up Group), from the PvE Queue.

Sometimes you will find more experienced players may head over to the other side right after the transformer has been taken down on the first side. They will normally still fire on the spawn of Spheres that come in but be aware that some players will do this. The general idea is that once over the other side, the Cube, Generators and the remaining Transformer are all taken down before the second wave of probes and Nanite Spheres reach this location. The result being that ALL probes and Nanite Spheres (including those remaining from the opposite side), are taken out together. This is generally a method that can be used by more experienced players, especially if they are going for a high DPS and/or Record Time run.