herald sphere

You and your team warp in and are hailed by Captain Kagran. You are informed that he and his research teams will open gateways to the sphere and that when they do expect resistance from the Heralds. You are to protect their ships and then enter the sphere. Once in there, you are to destroy enemy forces protecting the Iconian Gateway Network and do what you can to disable the sphere. Sounds simple, right?


Save science ships that are under attack. There are six of them. While doing this, destroy the Herald forces. While doing this, you will see gateways to familiar places. Ignore them for now. 

Once the Herald task force has been destroyed, get to a gateway and enter the sphere! 


Your task is to keep any ships from escaping through the gateways. Your objectives listed will show how many ships your team has destroyed and how many have escaped (if any). This is tougher than it sounds. 

You will see the Klingon Captain saying when a Gateway opens and roughly where it is in accordance to where you are on the map. Example 'Gateway opening at 2 o'clock'. 

The optional objective is to keep less than 15 ships from escaping. 

Once done, enter the Gateway. 


You are straight into a fight again so be on your guard. Defeat the Herald forces. Its an all out brawl! Defeat as many Command ships as you can. 

When the timer runs out, enter the Gateway. 


Defeat the Herald flagship in the time remaining. Once this is done, the mission will complete!