Set in the heart of the Klingon Empire in the system of Qo'nos, you will arrive with the rest of your team and be hailed. 


There are 5 areas with enemies in the first wave. There are  2 areas in the asteroids. One area is around the starbase to the left and the other is to right at the shipyard. The final one is in front of the planet in between the starbase and shipyard.


To be able to win all the objectives requires teamwork. There are 2 strategies. First is "DPS divide and conquer strategy." This method only works if you have at least 3 heavy DPS ships that can destroy enemies quickly. For most teams on quick play, this method does not work to achieve the bonus objective in time. The other method is a "complete team attack", in which all members attack together.


Note: For the first part of the mission, the only enemies teams need to focus on are the ones by the starbase and shipyard. Ignore the ships in the asteroids, and in front of the planet, as this will waste valuable time. If teams attempt the "Complete Team Attack" method, the best way to go about this is to first pick a side for the entire team to go to. Let's start left to right, for example. The entire team goes to the starbase and attacks the "attacking" ships in 2 waves quickly.



Next all members must fly over to the shipyard, making sure to ignore the middle ships, and do the same exact thing around the shipyard. Take the enemies down and you will be able to move onto the next stage. 


The second part of this mission requires the team to split up. At least two members need to stay at either the starbase or shipyard, while the other 3 team members head over to the opposite side of the map which will be marked in a green circle. Portals will appear and the objective is to save at least 10 Troop Transports which are trying to make their way to the planet. To do this you need to close the rifts. Rifts can be closed even if you are being fired on and it is best to try and ignore the enemies. 


NOTE: Focus on the green portals only. The yellow ones are not important. 


If you fire at the enemies it can distract the enemies into firing on you instead of the Transports. AoE attacks such as Fire at will and torpedo spread are enough to achieve this. However, the enemy ships are not crucial to the mission here.


The objective is to close the radiation gates. If one ship stays close to the planet and another close to the starbase, those radiation gates (green) can be closed quickly before they destroy the Transports.


The secondary option is to close the yellow gateways but again, these are not important to the mission. 


Allocating power to engines and using maneuverability buffs and abilities is quite useful here to getting to all of the radiation gates quickly and getting at least 10 ships in time. Each additional ship past 10 will count toward bonus marks at the end of the mission.


The last part of the mission requires the team to defeat the wave of enemies. Here is where teams can fail the objective. As long as the Dreadnought is still alive, it will continue to spawn more ships, solar gateways, etc. so the focus should remain on the Dreadnought first. Make sure to switch power to weapons and continue to use every attack and debuff at your disposal. After a while the Dreadnought jams sensors, temporarily cloaks and moves to a new location. 


One of the best method's is to try and stay behind the Dreadnought. If needed, bring out your Nimbus Pirate's or if you are Science, holofleet. Romulan's can use their singularity jump as well which may help. 


Once the Dreadnought is defeated concentrate on all the other ships. When these are all gone the mission will complete. 

Advanced and Elite versions will be tougher. If you are a casual player and not concerned with DPS it is not recommended that you play Elite.