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Like them or hate them, fleets are a huge part of the game. You can normally tell if other players are in a fleet as the fleet name will be above their head. Fleet names can be serious or a name is chosen for a bit of fun. Either way, all players who are members of fleets will have the fleet name and they are representing that fleet. 

So what is a fleet? A fleet is a group of up to 500 players that have banded together. All fleets have a command structure and tools to manage the things that are commonly found in other MMORPGs for guilds. Examples include a ranking system, a fleet bank, a fleet specific chat channel, a calendar, and a Fleet Advancement System with different fleet holdings. 

If you are new to the game, one of the best things you can do is join a fleet. Once in a fleet, existing members can be very helpful in helping you learn the ropes and also guide on what you can do and what not to do, as experience from other players will be a valuable asset to have. Also, when you feel ready and found your space feet, you and your fleetmates can team up and do things together, such as TFO's and story missions, although there a few missions that do not allow team-ups. Generally though, most do. 

Federation characters can join Federation fleets and Klingon characters can join Klingon Defense Force fleets. Think of it as for example, World of Warcraft where you have The Alliance and The Horde. Federation is blue (Alliance), and KDF is red (Horde). 


For Romulan made characters, it is a little different. With the Romulan back-story and how Romulus was destroyed by a super-nova, they no longer have a homeworld. If you are playing as a Romulan you will NOT be able to join a Fleet until you have completed the mission 'Turning Point'. After this mission has been completed, you will be given a CHOICE. The game will ask you which Major Power you want to side with - Starfleet or Klingon Defense Force. You will only have one shot at this and will NOT be able to change your mind afterwards so be absolutely sure about your decision. Romulan's will have access to their ships as well as a good selection of ships in their chosen allegiance.

It is the same for Dominion made characters as well. Even though you will start at level 60, you will have to complete the tutorial missions before the game gives you the same choice as it does the Romulan's. Again, you will be given a CHOICE, and you will NOT be able to join a fleet until you have chosen an allegiance. Choose carefully as the same rule applies where you cannot change your mind afterwards. Dominion made characters will also have access to a good selection of ships in their chosen faction/allegiance. 

The screenshots below show the choice being given to you. It is up to you whether you choose Federation or Klingon Defense Force.


For 23rd Century created characters, you need to complete the final story in the first arc and be level 10 in order to be added to a fleet and are Federation only. Discovery made characters will have to complete the tutorial and the first two missions before they can be invited to a fleet. This is also Federation only. 

Once in a fleet, you will find that each fleet is different in the way they are run. For example, you wish to know how you can progress and rank up in a fleet, so you ask existing members. Below are just a few examples of what fleets like:

  • Time spent in the fleet. Some fleets like new recruits to be in their fleet for at least a week, maybe two before they can be promoted up a rank. This can also help fleet leaders determine if you are serious about staying.

  • Some fleets look for how you interact with other members in the fleet and how well you fit in, and how communicative you are. This one is added to the list as fleets like activity. 

  • Fleets like loyalty. Some fleets like a player to have all their characters in their fleet while other fleets allow multi-fleeting, as long as there is loyalty shown to those fleets. 

  • Contributions are also a key factor. Different fleets ask for different amounts in order to rank up, unlock fleet store access etc. These numbers are determined by a fleets size and how active that fleet is. Some fleets may change their numbers for this if they have had some bad experiences in the past and/or found when they had lower figures for contributions, new members would be granted store access easily, get the gear they wanted to get, and then leave the fleet. This is not viewed well and can make some fleets cagey. 

Ally Dominion.png
Chooe Your Allegiance Romulan


So you have joined a Fleet, whether it be ours or another Fleet. Within any fleet are Fleet Holding's. Below is a screenshot showing what you will see when you press Ctrl+G to pull up your fleet holdings and anything necessary we think players need to know about. Also we have listed what the holdings are and how many tiers need to be completed for full unlock.

  • Colony - Complete 5 tiers

  • Dilithium Mine - Complete 3 tiers

  • Embassy - Complete 3 tiers

  • K-13 - Complete 3 tiers

  • Research Lab - Complete 3 tiers

  • Spire - Complete 3 tiers

  • Starbase - Complete 5 tiers

Fleet Holdings 

Fleet Name

Fleet Roster 

Fleet Info - About The Fleet

Settings (Managed by Fleet Admin)


Fleet Message of The Day - (No current message when this screenshot was taken)

Fleet Level & Logo


Displayed Holding & Tier

Current Progress

Fleet Events 

Fleet News - For full fleet news click bottom tab

We hope the above screenshot will help you find your way around within a fleet. The following explains a little bit more about what has been labelled up and we hope it will help.

  • Fleet Name - This is the name of the fleet you are in and has been chosen by the fleet leader(s). When you are online and part of a fleet, the fleet name of the one you are in will display above your character. You are representing that fleet.

  • Fleet Message of The Day - This is set by Fleet Admin. It can be anything and can be used to amuse your fleetmates. The screenshot above does not have one set at the time it was taken. Members will see it when they log on in their chat box in game or flash across their screen. 

  • Fleet Level & Logo - The logo is put together from designs within the game and is done by Fleet Admin/Command ranks. Your Fleet level will increase as your fleet progresses.

  • Fleet News - This is general news and will display under 'Fleet Activity'. It can be news such as 'This character@handle has joined the fleet' and the same of whoever leaves a fleet. Other news includes members levelling up, medals from when a member does certain TFO's for the first time, and whenever new bridge officers join a fleet members crew. To view full news the tab at the bottom represented in the screenshot will show all this and also Fleet Bank transactions. 

  • Fleet Events - Many fleets run events and when one is planned, it shows in the back space on the screenshot. The above screenshot was taken in between events.

  • Current Progress - These numbers represent just how much XP in all categories is required to unlock tiers and as you go through the fleet projects and unlock tiers, the numbers will say what the fleet is currently at. The above screenshot shows a fully maxed out Fleet Starbase at the full 250,000 XP needed to unlock it for each of the three careers. Unlocking different coloured tiers unlocks different items such as gear or buffs for your character, for example. Our main example here is the red projects at each individual tier unlocked the shipyard. This meant that as we ourselves progressed and unlocked, we were able to buy fleet ships that were only available from that particular tier. If the tier is not unlocked, the fleet ships beyond that tier are locked. The same goes for any Fleet Gear as well. However, if you are part of a fleet that has not progressed enough yet, you may be able to get an invite to another fleets holdings that has unlocked what you need and you can get what you want that way. However, your fleet MUST have provisions as when you buy, it comes out of the your own fleets provisioning. This does NOT work with Fleet ships. 

  • Displayed Holding & Tier - You can view every Holding within the fleet you are in. It will be stated clearly what Holding you are viewing and what Tier it is at. 

  • Armada - This is where you can see all the other fleets within the Armada. You can even donate to other fleets as well as the one you are in to help get your Fleet Credits up. To view this, your fleet must be in an Armada. If the fleet is not in one, all you will see is some info telling you what the Armada is. 

  • Settings - These are managed by Fleet Admin and any Command staff. Boxes will be ticked or unticked and permissions will be set per rank. Examples include something like new members cannot buy from fleet stores so this will be unticked, whereas the next rank or a few ranks up may have the tick in it that allows a higher rank to buy from stores. Admin have all the boxes ticked and cannot be changed. Second in command in any fleet may have most of the boxes ticked. 

  • Fleet Information - This is what players will see if they find the fleet you are in within the fleet search option in game. Some fleets do not put anything in there while others put something in that they hope get any new potential recruits attention.

  • Fleet Roster - Click this tab to see who is online in the fleet. This is also a good way to form team-ups with your fleetmates. The roster has other uses as well. 

The image shows the holdings tab open. The first one in the list is the Colony and it also shows our own fleets progress when the image was taken. You will see that below the large image under message of the day, are 'Colony World Projects'. Projects appear for all holdings. Projects are slotted here so a fleet can work on progressing through, no matter how long it takes. Generally, projects that have 1,000 XP or thereabouts are slotted as these give the most XP in order for advancement. As our own Federation fleet has completed the Colony, we have additional projects slotted so our members can still donate. 

Completed projects have a cooldown period and can be up to 20 hours to complete. Once the final one in any colour (to the right side of the image), has been completed and the cooldown period has ended, this will allow 'Upgrade' projects to be slotted. These will appear under 'Special Projects'. These will need to be completed to progress. There will be multiple upgrade projects for any holding. Once completed, more unlocks will be granted. 

To find out what you can get from different tiers by completing upgrade projects, you can click on the tier you want and view under the coloured bars on the right hand side. The example shown in this image is Colony Tier 1 unlocks. Additionally, different things come from each coloured (career). The top and slightly bigger bars are overall progress unlocks. 

One last thing. Fleet members who are not in a command position will not be able to see the next project queued after the first one as only command staff can see this. 

Fleet Projects

The next image to the right shows fleet provisioning. The example is from our own Starbase and how many items are 'in stock' which our members can buy. 

For a fleet to have provisions in, provision projects have to be slotted and completed. The higher your fleet in tier, the more the project allows you to have. 

Provisions are found for all fleet holdings. Different gear comes from different holdings. Examples include Fleet Ground Gear that comes from the Starbase and Tactical Exploiters and Locators come from the Spire. Warp Cores and Singularity Cores come from the Spire and the Dilithium Mine. 

Fleet Gear in any form can be bought by any member who has been granted Fleet Store Access and will cost Fleet Credit and Dilithium. Fleet Credit can be earned by donating to Fleet Projects.

The second image to the right shows an example of items available. In this case, Fleet Weapons from the Fleet Starbase. The two images were taken on different days so the numbers in stock do not match for this reason. However, you will see how many items are available at the top located under the 'Buy' tab. To the left are sub-menu's of what is available. At the bottom in the left corner is the amount you have of Fleet Credit and Dilithium. 

Please be aware that if the items are greyed out, this means that either you do not have fleet store access, your fleet has not unlocked the required items yet, or there is no provisioning. If there are no provisions, it will say zero and you may have to contact your fleet leaders to queue up some provisioning projects.

NOTE: Many fleets avoid queuing up provision projects that only require dilithium. This is because it is unlikely to get filled, so they stick with normal provision projects that take doffs, energy credits etc, and more likely to be completed. Once a provision project is completed, it will have a cooldown period like any other project. Only when the cooldown has completed, the provisions will be granted to the fleet.

4 - Provisions.PNG
Fleet Weapons 1.PNG

One very common question that floats around the game, whether in fleets or has cropped up on Facebook groups and forums is 'How do I check to see what my contributions are?' Below is a screenshot showing you how to do it. It is one of the simple things in game that can easily be missed. 

  • Open up your Fleet by using Ctrl+G

  • Go to the top tabs and click 'Roster'

  • On the right hand side is a drop menu. Click the arrow and you should see the options in the image

  • Scroll down to 'Overall Holding Contributions'


Another thing with many fleets is also very common. There are players out there who do not know how to get white quality doffs for filling in the fleet projects. Here we explore what you can do.

  • Fleet Starbase - You can get packs of 50 white quality doffs very easily from here. On the Federation Starbase, go out from the transporter room and carry straight on. You will go down a ramp. At the bottom of the ramp, veer right. There is the station officer you can get them from. On the KDF Starbase, turn left straight off the transporter pad until you see a Klingon standing there. Go to him and he can sell you some white doffs. These will cost you Fleet Credit! However, you can get a good chunk back when donating doffs to a fleet. Remember though, select which career doffs you want in the menu on the left hand side as this makes it a lot easier process.

  • The Exchange - This is hit and miss. You can buy doff packs from the exchange but will be a lot slower process and will drain energy credits.

Where To Get Fleet Boffs.PNG
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