Every Fleet has rules and we have some of our own. Dragon's Lair Fleets are a place where you can relax and all we ask is that you take our rules into consideration. We try and be as fair as we can and quite flexible when the need arises. We don't care how you dress your characters, or how many items you buy from fleet stores, as long as we are notified if the provisions are low. We also ask that to begin with, only one of your characters be brought into the fleets. This is to see if the possibility of bringing in more characters can arise later and to try and avoid an in-active fleet roster.  


Please respect other Fleet Members. They are here to play and enjoy the game as much as you are.

Bullying will not be tolerated, whether to a Fleet Member or a Non-Fleet Member. This includes racial comments and harassment. 

Please do not bring any drama into the fleets. We are no drama fleets.

Please refrain from politics or religious topics. These may upset players and cause rifts and this is something the fleets do not want.


No Elitist attitudes. We are here to have fun and these attitudes may deter our members from participating in the future. 

Please respect the Fleet Leaders and associated Sub-Leaders. 

If you have a grievance with any decisions made, please refrain from retaliating publicly as this will be disruptive to the fleets as well as make us look bad. Any internal disputes and grievances should be directed to those in charge of internal disputes and mediating. 

The Fleet Leaders should not live in fear as they are here to keep the fleets moving as smooth as possible and also be able to enjoy the game themselves. These situations mainly include being harassed by any Fleet or Non-Fleet Member for example. 


If members characters have been inactive for 6 months, they will be demoted back to Probation Den. Once a member logs into those characters again, their rank they had before will be restored. If however, any characters that have not been logged into with the time frame of 12 months (1 year) and we have not been contacted, we will reserve the right to remove inactive characters/members. If you have been unfortunate to fall into this rule, and had your characters removed from the fleets, then there is no need to worry as long as you did not have any strikes against you when you were in the fleets. This is because of our 'Forever a Dragon' policy. You will be able to re-apply and re-join as long as you were or are in good stead with the fleets. This may also include discord as well. Our discord is open.

If you notice any of the fleet provisions are at 15 or below, please inform any of the command staff and they can queue up some more provisioning projects. 

When interacting with players outside of the fleets, be kind and helpful. Our fleets want to be viewed as friendly fleets and any actions by any fleet member could reflect on the entire fleet on either side. This also includes new potentials who join our discord server. It works both ways.

Our fleets do like some decorum, but mostly fall into adult humor. That being said, we all use occasional slang but doing so excessively will be frowned upon and you may be asked to stop. If you do get asked, please do so. 

Please refrain from typing in CAPS as this could be viewed as angry or shouting. However, if CAPS are used in excitement and fun then this can be okay. 

The Fleet Banks are not to be used as a mooching ground. Do not take items out just to sell or scrap. We do check the bank logs on a regular basis and if we believe activity is beyond the normal for any member (especially over short periods of time), then we will take action. 

Everyone is in their own way, responsible for recruiting to the fleets, even though only the higher ranks can invite. But discord is different. Any member can invite to our discord server and from there, the new addition can make a decision to join the fleets or not and one of our command team can sort this out. If someone is invited and they are not at all interested in the fleets or even STO, then they will be removed without warning. Also, the minimal age for joining us is 16+.

If we find that you have joined us and lied about your age being less than 16 then we will reserve the right to remove you. Our fleets are quite adult in humor where even sometimes being 18+ is more of a requirement, but we like to try and be as fair as we can so we have selected 16+.

Please do not place Tribbles in the Fleet Bank. If we find them then we will remove them.

Please keep all contact with the fleets in the Armada civil.