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Please respect all other members including the command team. They are here to enjoy the fun as much as you are. Respect in our fleets means no bullying, no spamming, no shaming, no trolling, no threatening and no racist or sexist comments are to be made. Comments in jest are fine and we often rib each other, but if command think something is going to go too far and in the wrong direction, we will step in.


(a) This rule also applies to members who have interactions with anyone outside our fleets. Please remember that you are representing us. This includes interactions within the Armada.

(b) Our policy is no drama and therefore none should be brought into the fleets. This means the following are not to be discussed. Absolutely no politics or religious topics. These may upset players and cause rifts and this is something we do not want. Additionally when it comes to the game, we do not want elitist attitudes. We are here to have fun and these attitudes may deter our members from participating in the future.

(c) Please do not use excessive foul language. We all use occasional slang but doing so excessively will be frowned upon and you may be asked to stop. If you do get asked, please do so. Additionally, typing in CAPS is okay but could be viewed as angry or shouting. However, if this is used in excitement and we can clearly see that then that is fine.

(d) The Fleet Leaders should not live in fear as they are here to keep the fleets moving as smooth as possible and also be able to enjoy the game themselves. These situations mainly include all of the above. Other situations could apply depending on the circumstances. 

(e) If you have a grievance with any decisions made by command, please contact a command team member privately and refrain from retaliating publicly as this will be disruptive to the fleets.




We value your membership and loyalty to our fleets and our members from ranks 1 - 4 can be in other fleets with other characters if they wish. However, we have a no multi-fleeting policy for those in our command team. Command ranks are ranks 5 - 7. 

(a) Our brand fleets are Dragon’s Lair (Federation) and Dragon’s Lair KDF (Klingon Defense Force).  Some members may not have characters of the other faction and may only have for example, Federation characters meaning they have characters in our Federation fleet but no characters in our Klingon fleet (as they do not have any Klingon Defense Force made characters). This is absolutely fine as not everyone likes to make characters for both factions.


(b) In an extremely rare circumstance, special permission may be granted to any of the command team to have characters in another fleet. This could be for a number of reasons. Everything will be weighed up accordingly by the rest of the team and we have to be absolutely positive that we trust said command member. If that trust is lost, the rest of the command team will discuss the situation with that member and decide where to go from there.  The same applies to anyone in our command ranks (or comes into our command ranks), who also for example, run their own fleet as well as being in ours. In this case, they will carry an Ambassador role.   




We reserve the right to remove any characters that have not been logged into within the time frame of 12 months (1 year). The rosters are looked at every 1st of the month. If the 1st falls on the same month your character hits 12 months we will remove it on this date. The roster duties for inactiveness always fall at the beginning of every month.


(a) If you have been unfortunate to fall into this rule, and had your character(s) removed from the fleets, then there is no need to worry as long as you did not have any strikes against you when you were in the fleets. This is because of our 'Dragon For Life' policy. You will be able to re-join as long as you were or are in good stead with the fleets.


(b) If we have been contacted about your absence a command member will note it in our records.

(c) If we are aware of any members who are for example, in the forces (military, navy etc), a command member will add a note to that members character(s). An additional time of up to 3 months may be granted going from 12 months to 15 months inactive. If we are not made aware by members in these positions the usual rules will apply. It is also a good idea that members inform us if they are going on assignment. If we are not informed then we are in the dark and the usual rules will apply. 

(d) For any members in our fleets who think they will be away for some time it is a good idea to let any command staff know. We can attach a note on your characters and make a note in our records. 



The fleet banks are there for everyone’s use. Please respect other members when using it.


(a) The fleet bank is not to be used as a mooching ground. Do not take items out just to sell, scrap or for salvage. We check the logs on a regular basis.


(b) If fleet banks are used by a member over several consecutive days/nights then we will keep a closer eye on these activities. We look at what is being taken out and look to see if anything has been donated by said member (if anything). If activity is deemed well above the normal over several days/nights/weeks/months we may lock down the banks. This only happens when we suspect suspicious activity. The member in question may be contacted by a member of our command team.  


(c) Do not place tribbles in the fleet bank. They will be removed.



Our fleets are growing and every member can play his or her part when it comes to recruitment should they choose to. Again, remember when having interactions with anyone outside the fleets you are representing ours.   


(a) If anyone is interested in joining us you can either chat with them and see if they will be a good fit and then invite to fleet or direct them onto our fleet website so they can find out more about us. If you have directed them to our site, they can choose to either contact a command member or fill out an application. It is our preference (but not mandatory) that a fleet application is made on our website so we have a record of their application, which also means they do not have to make another one as we can refer back to this at a later date should we need to. This is a great example of how our ‘Dragon For Life’ policy can be used. This meaning that if this member has for instance, real life things to take care of and is away from the game for 12 months or more (this is when we remove inactive characters), and wishes to re-join the fleets we can use their original application and another should not be needed. If a potential member wishes to chat with a command team member directly, we can accept this method and send out an invite to them to join our fleets. 


(b) The minimum age requirement to join us is 16+. Preferably we prefer 18+ but we are a little fairer in this regard.  



(c) If we find that you have joined us and lied about your age being less than 16 then we reserve the right to remove you. Our fleets are quite adult in humour where even sometimes being 18+ is more of a requirement. If you are removed, you may or may not be contacted.




(a) Do you want team ups doing missions, task force operations or patrols? Please do not be afraid to call out in chat or discord. We have members who will be happy to help you.  We know it may seem daunting and we know the feeling as we have been there.


(b) Our fleet discord server is optional and most of our comms happen here. If you wish to see the fleet chat active in game you may have to get the ball rolling. With discord, you can text-type and/or voice chat with those of us who use these options. If you would like to join us in a voice channel and keep yourself muted that is okay too. Sometimes listening in helps.


(c) Our fleets do like some decorum, but mostly fall into adult humour. That being said, we all use occasional slang but if done excessively you may be asked to stop. If you do get asked, please do so.


(d) If members notice any of the fleet provisions are at 15 or below, please inform any of the command staff and we can queue up some more provisioning projects. Once these projects are completed and off cooldown, the provisions will be stocked up again.


(e) Do not discuss any illegal activity which may place the fleets, our discord server or our members at the risk of law enforcement action. Do not post harmful links.



Thank you for reading.




Dragon’s Lair Fleets Command Team


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