What is discord? Quite simply, it as a nice form of communication software. You can text type (think of the old msn messenger with more options), to anyone on the server, which makes life easier for those who miss messages in-game due to switching characters or they are using another room in another tab for example. Please note that if you choose to join our discord, you may have to be patient before seeing any activity as everyone has different Time-Zones and some may be playing any games or afk. If you wish to get the ball rolling, say hello! 

You are given the correct roles for what you represent. In most cases 'Fleet Member' is given, which unlocks every room on the server. We only ask that you verify who you are by using your Character name or @handle as this makes it much easier to identify you. If we have a non-member come onto our server they will have 'Friends (non-fleet) assigned as long as we know who they are. We also have Armada members as well. 

Voice is optional and is used by some of our members. Some prefer to text-type and by doing so can have a nice chat doing this and/or replying via text to someone else in the voice channels. Just listening in helps. 

To make life even easier, it can also be installed on your mobile/cell device and notifications can be turned off. This also means that you can keep in contact with fleet mates on the go! Notifications can be turned off on your device. If this doesn't work you can mute a channel to stop your device notifying you every time something is posted. 

Our discord server also acts as an additional service to all our members and invited guests. We use it to talk/text about Star Trek Online and many other topics as well.  This tool is optional to have but strongly encouraged to sign up since it’s easier to help you if you are struggling with builds, missions and is also a great way to co-ordinate fleet runs. You don’t have to talk either. Reading can help if there is any relevant information posted and as said, just listening in helps a lot if using voice channels and choose to text-type.