This is a good one for a breather between other things you might be doing within game. It is playable on both factions from a low level and is good for some easy Fleet Marks. 




The team arrives in the system and are then hailed. You are told there is an enemy taskforce on it's way with an intent to destroy the Starbase. Your mission is to take down the enemies and protect the Starbase from annihalation. 


The enemies that warp in are random. The first time you do this, Klingons may warp in and the next time it could be Tholian's, Romulan's, Gorn or even Borg. 


There are a total 4 waves that will warp in, each a separate wave after the previous wave has been destroyed. Once these are gone, you will get a final wave warp in, commonly known as a 'Siege Group'. Take these down and once this is done the mission will complete and you will be rewarded Fleet Marks.