dranuur gauntlet

You and your team warp into the system and are hailed. You are informed that a large enemy force its on it's way and it is up to you to hold the line. Captain La Forge tell you that he and Captain Kuumaarke are about to beam up some critical parts for some unfinished defense satellites and that you will be able to activate them soon. Your main objective of this TFO is to defend the colony and active/upgrade the satellites when you can.


Enemies will warp in. It could be any enemy. Most popular ones seem to be Vaadwuar and Tzenkethi but others have been seen as well. Destroy the waves that come in.


La Forge will hail you again and inform you that the parts are ready. Scan the satellites and activate them. Look at your mini-map if need be as their locations will be placed. Fly to them and activate them. 


La Forge tells you there are multiple enemy waves on sensors as they warp in. Destroy them and your team may have to spread out a bit. Protect the colony from attack and keep your eye on the health of the satellites. Repair any satellites if you can that are damaged. Prepare for a fight!


Captain Kuumaarke will hail you and tell you that satellite upgrades are now available. Your next task is to scan them. When you do, the new abilities will come online. Depending on your career will depend on what upgrades are activated.


La Forge will inform you that enemy flagships are about to warp in. Your task is to defeat the final enemy assault. Trigger happy time while defending the satellites! 

After the timer has completed Captain Kuumaarke will tell you that you did it and the enemy fleet has disengaged. Job done!

This TFO is quite a bit tougher on advanced so it will test your build.