Defend Rh'Ihho Station

Your team beams onto the station and are informed by the Chief Engineer that the Elachi have been attacking and abducting people. He requests your assistance while he gets the stations power up and running again.








Grab a flashlight. They are located behind the Chief Engineer. This is optional. 

When the timer has finished, head to the ladder in the corner of the room to get started. Your first task is to destroy devices. These can be found anywhere in the general vicinity. Your objectives will tell you how many your team has destroyed. Explore different area's as they could be anywhere. Other targets are secondary so you can defeat or avoid them if possible.


Once the timer has finished, the Chief Engineer will tell you he needs to speak to you again. The team will automatically be transferred back to the starting point. He will then inform you that his people are not responding and thinks the Elachi are back and abducting the repair teams. Again, head to the ladder in the corner of the room. Your objective here is to stop the Elachi and rescue the repair teams. There are six engineers to rescue. Really take a good look around as they can easily be missed. You will need to talk to them to rescue them.


Once this is done, you will be transferred to the starting point once again. The Chief Engineer will tell you that the power is under control, but there is an Elachi force in Main Engineering trying to sabotage the singularity core. Your objective is to take them out. Head to the ladder again in the corner of the room and head straight for engineering. Take out enemy forces. Your main target is the Elachi Predator. 

Once you take the Predator down, the mission will complete.

Note: During this TFO, watch out for the Skittering Saboteurs. They like to jump on your face!