This TFO is fairly straight forward and is a good opportunity for Nukara or Fleet Marks. Upon arriving you will see a giant snowflake in the distance. Head towards it and start shooting at it.


Ignore the Tholians and concentrate your firepower on the Crystalline Entity. The Entity will absorb energy when it's health reaches 66% and then again at 33%. Once these are done it will let out a giant shock-wave. This isn't really a major problem in normal mode. However, in Advanced mode its is quite strong. 


The Entity will absorb it's energy through it's Crystalline Fragment's which you will see floating around and they will attack you along with the Tholian Fleet. 


Handy Tips:


Try to ignore the Tholian Fleet. They are there to distract you from your main objective. 

You cannot damage the entity while it is absorbing.

Retreat to a distance of 10km away from the entity to not get caught in the shockwave. If your build cannot take the strength of the shockwave, you will be defeated. Once the shockwave has completed, race back to the entity to continue firing.


If more than 33% of players across both team (10 players), are defeated the optional will fail resulting in less marks from the rewards.