You will arrive at Parias III and will be briefed by Lieutenant John Vanderveer, an explosives expert you will need to progress through the mission.


You will need to have completed the story mission 'The Dragon's Deceit' for Bug Hunt to unlock on your Pve Menu. This only has to be done on one character to unlock account wide. 


The mission starts where once you are able to go, you follow the first alarm bug and kill it. There are a total of 3 alarm bugs in the mission and neutralizing them is optional on Normal mode. You have to complete these kills on Advanced and Elite versions.


This mission is to shoot at anything that moves and to make it down to the Spawn Mother.


Recommended Gear and Traits include:


+Toxic Resistance

Any Environmental Suit will do in a pinch

Bio-Molecular weapons (Use [CritD]x2 mod if possible)

Undine Reputation Gear (Ground)

Undine Kit (From the story 'Surface Tension')

Once you make it down to the Spawn Mother, simply shoot her and ignore anything else. On harder modes you will have to make sure John Vanderveer is not killed off in order to complete the mission.

That's it! Job done!