This mission is on the ground and is one of the oldest queues in the game. The objective is to stop the Klingons and destroy their mining equipment. 



You and the other players on the map must set charges at various locations. The locations are listed below and you will need to plant 5 of them. You will have to pick up station charges before you can plant them! Also, the next objectives are normally in the next location so cross over the bridges. 

Station Alpha

Station Beta

Station Gamma

Station Delta

Station Epsilon

Station Zeta

Once the mining stations have been destroyed, you then have to destroy the Mining Spotters for turret codes. You will need 8 of these. 

When you have the codes, head to the next location. Your next task is to jam Klingon transmissions. You can reconfigure turrets as well. Keep moving until you reach the rally point and jam final console. 

You are the rally point and now you must defend it. You must kill 100 Klingons! Bring on the carnage! Once this is done the mission is complete.


A good trick is to try and stick with everyone else. There will be more players than just your team. As with every other queue, the more you do it, the faster and better you get.