borg disconnected

You will arrive at this map to find masses of Borg structures, sphere's and cubes. There are 3 location points. The team will need to split up into 3 groups - ideally 2 - 2 - and 1 team mate on their own. This will commence once you have briefed by Seven of Nine. The idea of this TFO is to liberate Borg from the Hive. If you do not free a Borg ship in time it will rejoin the Borg. 


It is highly recommened that the player going solo be in a Carrier, as then their pets can take the aggro from attacking vessels.


Once the first stage is complete, the second stage involves the Undine warping into the system and they will create rifts. The teams will work together, one taking the aggro and one closing the rifts and saving liberated Borg ships.


During the next phase the Voth show up and will be using Voth Borg Killer frigates and they will fire Borg Killer Torpedoes. Kill the Borg Killer Ship quickly. You must fly directly into the torpedo to destroy it as conventional weapons will not work. One way is to use Tractor Beam Repulsors if you have them with the reversal doff to pull the torpedoes to you and this should destroy the Torpedoes when it impacts your ship. If you can free the liberated borg ships fast enough then you can ignore the borg killer torpedoes.


The final phase involves the warp in of 3 Dreadnoughts (one from each faction - Voth, Undine and Borg. It is highly recommended the team deal with the Undine, then the Voth. Once these are gone then the team can focus on the Borg Queen.


There is a timer and is optional on Normal mode. 


Once the mission is complete, it is purely optional to hang around afterwards as there is a Jack-in-The-Box! More ships come warping in if you fancy some more carnage. 

The Advanced and Elite versions will be tougher. Play at your own risk!