azure nebula


Set in the Azure Nebula in Tau Dewa of the sector map, we come across the Tholians as our enemy in this one. They have captured Romulan vessels and are holding them with tractor beams on  each of their four asteroids. The objective is to rescue as many Romulan ships as possible.


Each asteroid has a group of Tholians and a Romulan ship which is being held. Your team will need to rescue as many Romulan ships as possible within 12 minutes. Each Romulan ship is worth a certain amount of points, 1 through to 5. Note that 5's are quite rare so always keep an eye out for them. The ships will spawn at random at each of the four asteroids. After you rescue one, another will spawn after a little while.

The best method for this one is to devide yourselves up into 2 teams. This will be a 3/2 split (3 on one team, 2 on the other). As there are 4 asteroids it is also an option if 4 of you each attend to their own asteroid with the remaining team mate being a floater. Alternately, the remaining team mate can assist one team member at a time. This tactic might prove useful where one person will attack the Tholians and try to lead them away from the asteroid, while the other person will disable the four tractor beams on the asteroid.


When a Romulan ship has been freed and gone to warp,  the Tholian ships will also warp away (providing they have not been destroyed already - it really doesn't matter which of these scenario's will happen). You can now go to the next asteroid and repeat this. One method from hereon is to fly between each asteroid searching for the next spawn until time runs out. The other method is once an asteroid has been cleared and the ship rescued, is for one team mate to remain at the same asteroid ready for the next spawn. This happens more often than not and can result in a better game, depending on the circumstances. 



The Advanced version is virtually identical to the Normal version. However, there are some differences.


This is going to be a tougher map and there are some things that would be extremely helpful. 

Any weapon type will do, even Tetryon as Tholian ships have tough shields. It is also fun to watch the Tholian's destroy themselves when trapped in a Gravity Well with a good Torpedo Volley, throw in a Feedback Pulse and it can be quite nasty for them! 


The objectives are the same and the marks are more. However, please note that sometimes re-spawning of the Tholian and Romulan vessels can take longer than expected, which can throw the game and fail the optional objectives. 


Other things that could be useful to bring to this include:

Gravity Well

Tractor Beam Repulsers

Subspace Vortex

Feedback Pulse 

Structural Analysis

Beam Fire at Will

Cannon Scatter Volley

Distributed Targeting

Torpedo Spread

Isometric Charge

Aceton Assimilator 

Deploy Sensor Interference Platform