Welcome to the defence task force of the Romulan colony of Rhi.

Upon arriving you are hailed by Romulan Maiori and he informs you that the Elachi are invading. 

Take out wave 1 of the invading task force. You will have to go looking for them.

Once this is done you will be advised to destroy Walker Alpha. This is a large Elachi drone on the water surface nearby. 

Once Walker Alpha is destroyed, move onto Wave 2 and destroy them. Walker Beta is also with Wave 2 and is optional to destroy.

Next, move onto Wave 3 and destroy them. They should be nearby. 

Walker Gamma and Wave 4 will appear and destroying the Walker is optional. 

Once Wave 4 has been destroyed, Wave 5 will appear and also Walker Epsilon. The Walker is again, optional. 

Once Wave 5 is destroyed the mission has been completed.


Your character MUST have access to a Shuttlecraft of Fighter to play this queue.

Make sure your craft is set up before going into the mission. 

You will have to fly around a bit to find where you need to be.

Advanced version will be tougher and the optionals may effect the outcome.