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Welcome to our more advanced guide for ground building. We recommend building more properly from level 50. Please bare in mind that this guide is here to more or less help you get started with more advanced methods and where you go from here is up to you. 

To begin our more advanced guide, we are going to look at character statistics. To do this, press U and you character screen will pop up. You will see your character along with all the slots filled or unfilled, depending on how you have set up. To the left you will see some sub-menu's. The one that we are concentrating on here is 'Stats'. These stats will tell you various things, such as what your maximum health is, run speed, what type of resistance you have to different types of weaponry etc. Stats will change with whatever gear you set up with. Different armors, as well as shields can give different resistances for example. Stats will also work from your ground skill tree.

Refresher Information - Below are a few examples of what you can get to get a good start when building. These can be found on kit frames and Armor

  • [CritH] - Increases your Critical Chance stats.

  • [CritD] - Increases your Critical Severity stats.

  • [KPerf] - This helps with Kit Performance. 

  • [CrtX] - Increased stats for both Critical Chance and Severity.

The above are prime examples in which to aim for, especially for those who are interested in dealing good damage. The Critical Chance and Severity increase will improve your damage output and the higher they are, the better your weapons can perform. Please be aware that it will take time to get a build together and cannot be done by the snapping your fingers there and then. 


With Kit performance (KPerf), this will help improve your Kit Module abilities during combat. This is a very good thing to have if you can get it. 


The best time to start getting more serious about your build is from level 50 onwards. For a new level 50, we highly recommended MK XI gear upwards. If you are able to obtain blue quality gear or higher then this is great stuff. If you still have any white or green quality gear still on your character, upgrade to blue or higher as and when you can. If you have any gear that is Mk X or lower, you will find that you will struggle with content in the game. We appreciate that anyone new to the game and is on their first character will take a longer time to achieve this. 

So before we get into the nitty-gritty of more advanced building, you can find some ground combat basics here should you need to.

Here is a quick reminder of weapon types within the game.

  • Phaser: 5% chance to stun and reduce target's runspeed.

  • Disruptor: 5% chance to lower target's damage resistance by 20 for 10 seconds.

  • Plasma: 5% chance to deal plasma damage over time (D.O.T) for 10 seconds.

  • Polaron: 5% chance to cause a weapon to malfunction for 10 seconds.

  • Tetryon: 5% chance to deal damage to shields.

  • Antiproton: +20 critical severity bonus. (This energy type does not have its own 'proc').

These are the 'standard' weapons. There are other weapons in the game that stem off the same tree's. For example - Phased Polaron or Romulan Plasma. There are many options to choose from, whether a drop from a lockbox, picked up as a reward from a story mission, the exchange etc.


Click here for a full overview of the ground weapon tree. 

Time to pick out a weapon that you like. Remember that your character can equip two weapons and switch accordingly. There are different choices, such as rifles, pistols and assault weaponry. These are what are known as 'Ranged Weapons', meaning you can shoot them from a distance. The other types of weapons are 'Melee Weapons', meaning hand to hand combat, such as swords and bat'leths. Some races come with their own unique non-weapon melee attack, like Vulcan's come with a Vulcan Nerve Pinch, which can be selected to use in your ground traits if you are a Vulcan. 

A full overview of different weaponry can be found here

Here are a few tips that may help you decide which 'hand units' would suit your play style better:

  • Split Beam Rifle - Hits multiple targets. Great for Area of Effect (AoE) damage. Think of this as the space equivalent of beam fire at will.

  • Dual Pistols - Lots of fun! Very much the equivalent to space Cannon Rapid Fire and Cannon Scatter Volley. Can kill quickly. 

  • TR-116B Rifle - Crafted or can be bought on the exchange. Many players use this against the Borg on ground as this weapon bypasses shields and the Borg cannot adapt to it. 

Remember, if you are using a Rifle, have 'Rifle Training' slotted in your personal traits as this will grant you a bit more damage output. The same for Dual Pistols, but have 'Pistol Training' slotted instead. 

In order to save some time and reading, we have decided to present to you a build that does very well in most content within the game. Some minor changes could be made here or there, but this is simply to point you in the right direction and hopefully, will help you understand some of the game mechanics. The Kit Modules will differ for the other two career's and the rest of the build can still work. 

The first thing you need to think about is what do you want from your build? There are certainly different ways you can go with it across all three career choices. Do you want to be tank? a support/healer? or an all out gunner doing dps? Or even mix and match? Our Beginner's guide covers most of the beginning's and what you need to know about in order to start building your character. Remember, your build is to your own style of play, and our guides are simply suggestions. 

Here is the same screenshot as at the beginning of this page. As you can see, we have a red circle around Critical Chance and Critical Severity. This is because these are extremely important, especially if you plan on doing anything at least on Advanced content. 

When you first start your character, you start with 2.5% Critical Chance and 50% Critical Severity. It may seem like quite a good start, but you will find that as you dig deeper and deeper into the game, you will require more. 

How are the numbers up to what they are on the screenshot to the left? Glad you asked! These numbers are made up from a combination of different things:


  • Kit Frame

  • Armor

  • 2 Piece passive bonus (Shield and Secondary Weapon slotted)

  • Reputation Traits Selected

  • Personal Ground Traits Selected

  • Active Ground Duty Officers Selected

  • Ground Skill Tree

  • Specializations Selected 

  • Endeavor Progress

1 - Character.PNG

We are now going more into the full build and we are hoping that this will make some sense to you after reading our Beginner's Guide. If you already have some knowledge and are looking for idea's, great! We are happy to help with that as well. 

Please note that this is an example only. When building your character, always be sure to read the description on any trait and see if they fit into your build. It is up to you which way you want to go with your build. 

So here are the Personal Ground Traits selected for this build and is for a Tactical Character. Some of the traits are not given to you when you begin playing and if you want them you will need to get them from the exchange or drop from a lockbox. 

  • Serenity:+ Kit Performance - 15% Health and 15 Kit Performance (Improves All Kit Modules)

  • Creative: + Kit Performance - +30 Kit Performance (Improves All Kit Modules)

  • Field Technician: + Kit Readiness - +50 Kit Readiness (Improves Kit Module Cooldowns)

  • Lucky: +Critical Chance and Expose Chance - +3% Critical Chance and +10% Increased Chance to Expose

  • Sniper: Long-Range Damage Increase - Enhances Specific Powers and Applies in Certain Circumstances. Bonus Damage for all weapons based on range. +5% Bonus at 20m, and up to 25% Bonus at 40m. 

  • Molt: Auto Heal After Damage Taken - After receiving a totoal of 600 Damage (pre-resist), Molt will trigger these stats. +38.9 Hit Points every 0.5 seconds for 3 seconds and +33 All Damage Resistance Rating for 3 seconds. This can only trigger once every 30 seconds. A very useful trait to have.

  • Rifle Training: +Rifle Weapon Damage. +5% Bonus Rifle Weapon Damage. (If you are using a different weapon like Dual Pistols this would be changed to Pistol Training)

  • Soldier: Ranged Weapon Damage and Critical Severity - +5% Bonus Energy Damage and 10% Critical Severity. 

  • Strike Team Specialist: Attacking Targets Gives +Critical Chance. This Enhances Specific Powers and has a 40% chance to grant +2.5% Critical Chance when attacking. This trait is a nice combination with the Sniper trait. 

5 - Ground Traits.PNG

Next up we have Ground Reputation Traits. These are traits you can select once you have unlocked them from the appropriate tiers on the Reputation System. Below are the choices made for this build and which Reputation they are from:

  • Lethality - 4% Critical Chance (Romulan Reputation)

  • Deadly Aim - 16% Critical Severity (Dyson Reputation)

  • Personal Energy Amplifier - Kit Based Skills Deal 5% Bonus Damage (Iconian Reputation)

  • Armor Penetration - +10 Armor Penetration (Delta Reputation)

  • Mental Acuity - 10% Bonus Damage While Aiming (8472 Counter-Command Reputation)

Upon unlocking Tier 5 on any Reputation you will also have choices for either Ground or Space traits to slot into these as well. Tier 6 unlocks will be a higher level of the Tier 5 traits unlocked. 

6 - Reputation Traits.PNG

Next up we are going to show exactly what is being used on the character itself. Below are screenshots taken and certain area's highlighted. We are starting with the Kit Frame. Notice that two different ones are shown below. One is set towards more Critical Chance and has other modifiers that are nice across the board, such as Kit Performance [KPerf] and Armor Expert. On the second kit there is no additional Critical Chance, but has a much better [KPerf] to it and your Kit Modules will start to sing with this. Also, not a bad amount of weapon proficiency. Both kits have their merits and if you can get [KPerf] and [CrtH] on the same kit, you are onto a winner. Fair warning though if you are buying from the exchange as these can get quite pricey. For the build listed here, it is using the first kit shown. If the other kit is used, Critical Chance goes down by 5.3% and is very noticeable.

3 - Kit.PNG

Our next part of the build is your character's armor. This armor comes from the Fleet Starbase stores and is a very decent all rounder when it comes to adding Critical Severity and having some fairly decent resistance. The one below shows as Mk XV but comes from the stores as Mk XII and is already at Ultra Rare quality. 

This next part is a little different. The Ground Shield being used is part of a set. The second part used is another piece of the set and is this character's secondary weapon. The weapon is not that great but you do get a passive 2 piece bonus from this. Other gear sets also have bonuses like this, whether ground or space. This is just one example. Below are the details and showing what the bonus is. On any of the 2 pieces on your character, right click and from the drop-down menu, select 'More Details', and it should look something like this. 

4 - Counter Command 2 piece.PNG
4.1 - Counter Command 2 piece.PNG
4.2 - Counter Command 2 piece.PNG
4.3 - Counter Command 2 piece Details.PN

The Kit Modules on this build are also important. As said before, some of them could be switched out for different ones. Again, this build is only an example. 

  • Solar Gateway (Universal) - Creates a Solar Gateway for 30 seconds and deals crazy damage to your target. A Great AoE Module. However, this us useless against Tholian's on the ground as it heals them. 

  • Motivation - Your entire team gains an increased chance to critically hit. While this effect is active, any successful critical hits will also heal them for a small amount. The effect will expire after a certain amount of healing has been applied.

  • Piercing Strikes - While active, your attacks will be capable of ignoring a portion of the foe's damage resistance. This ability may be activated a second time to pierce the defenses of all nearby foes to a lesser extent, leaving a lingering resistance debuff on them.

  • Polaron Bombardment - Polaron Bombardment marks multiple locations at and around the target for an orbital bombardment. Targets within the marked areas take heavy Polaron damage after a brief delay. This would be better for anyone using Polaron weaponry as well and +Polaron damage on either their kit or armor if applicable. Hits nicely, but not for every build and a bit of fun.

  • Repulsor Burst - Built using technology recovered during the battle of Procyon V and intended to defend officers in close-quarters combat, Repulsor Burst fires a tightly contained pulse of energy at a single target. This burst causese kinetic damage and is capable of knocking most bipedal species completely off their feet. This one is a very fun one to use for a good laugh. 

Many suggestions for kit swap-could be made for this build alone.  Here are a few suggestions of what 'could' be used to fit the build better.

  • Rally Cry - Rally Cry inspires your away team to fight on and turn the tide, providing some healing while buffing damage resistance, critical chance and critical severity. Rally Cry also removes Expose debuffs from your team while having a chance of applying Expose on your foes. This could replace Solar Gateway or Repulsor Burst.

  • Battle Strategies - This Kit Module, Battle Strategies removes debuffs and applies a short duration buff that improves all damage. Additionally, any enemy that attacks the target will have a chance of getting Exposed. Can be used on yourself or an ally. Again, this one could replace Solar Gateway or Repulsor Burst, and maybe Polaron Bombardment. 

There are certainly many more options to pick and choose from. Click here for a full overview of current Kit Modules in the game. 

Don't forget that you will also need to slot Active Duty Officers for your Ground. Pick and choose ones that fit with what is on your build. Click here for a full overview on doffs. Additionally, your build will be affected by how you set up your Ground Skill Tree. Below shows what duty officers and skill tree that are used. Remember, this is more of a build that can get you started and more to grips with building for ground.

Builds for Engineer's and Science characters can and will look somewhat different. We hope that there is enough information here for anyone to get started. Have fun! 

Additional Note: Specialization Tree's used are Intel (Primary) and Commando (Secondary). Other options like Temporal Operations (Primary) with Commando (Secondary) are also a good option.

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