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Welcome to the home of Dragon's Lair Fleets in Star Trek Online. We are a home to a community who love Trek, sci-fi, and gaming. Our fleets have a mix of casual and mature members and is a great place for Star Trek Online fans to join together exploring the galaxy in the many adventures that lay beyond. We welcome new players as well as veterans. We have a no drama policy and our main goal is to have everyone in the fleet as comfortable as they can be having a stress-free environment and having fun while playing the game. Our play styles range from relaxed to hardcore and we hope this will make it easy to fit in no matter what style of play you have. 


The leadership completely understands that real lives require flexibility when private circumstances happen. You can inform a member of our command team if you think you are going to be away for a while and we will note that we have been contacted. 


Please note that we are PC only with no presence on consoles at this time. 


Enquiries email address:




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